Bowdani ; Bodavi ; Vådhami
Conventional short name:
 Local: Bowdani ; Bodavi ; Vådhami
 Ingallish: White Bowdani
Data codes: bw, BWI
Flag of White Bowdani
 Official: Coastal- and White-Kencari, South-Pocari, Ingallish
 Others: Bëltse
 Capital: Bädlouh (Beillo/Bullock)
 Other: B́iaizág (Cheysseg)
Government type: republic
Chairperson: Pievo Santarev (since 319)
Population: 3,168,189 (White) Bowdani
Established: Gained independence 318 AP
Currency: Kencari Suba
Organizations: UNV, STOIC

White Bowdani, officially just called Bowdani, is a nation in the south of Smalik, formed on 26 November 318 as part of a series of territories declaring independence of the LUKP because of the civil war that was going on elsewhere in the LUKP. The nickname 'White Bowdani', to distinguish the nation from Black Bowdani, a country further north that is also officially just called 'Bowdani', is derived from the presence of the people of the White Kencari.

Geography and climate[edit | edit source]

White Bowdani borders Three Cities and the Cove in the west, Bëltse in the northwest, Gen in the north, and Davenport in the east. To the south, the Meridic Ocean is located. The northwestern part of the country is rather hilly, because of the onset of the Strywak Mountains, whereas the other parts are rather flat. White Bowdani has a cold climate.

Politics[edit | edit source]

From its independence on 26 November 318 to 4 April 319, a transitional government was in place to define the political structure of White Bowdani. Its Legislative is formed by the Council of Elders, which has 165 members divided in five ethnic groups: the Coastal Kencari, White Kencari, and South Pocari are each represented by 42 members; the Ingallish are represented by 30 members, and other ethnic groups by the remaining 9 members. Before elections, political parties have to present a list of candidates that originate from at least three of the country's ethnic groups and who are equally put at eligible positions.

The executive is elected by the Council of Elders: a cabinet consisting of a Chairperson and Assessors, who remain members of the Council of Elders.

Since 4 April 319, Pievo Santarev has been the Chairman. The incumbent Assessor of Foreign Affairs is Uksir B́ialcego.

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