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Kingdom of Angliya
Conventional short name:
 Local: Angliyaa
 Ingallish: Angliya
Data codes: ANG
Flag of Angliya
Angliya's geographical position on Vexillium
 Official: Ingallish
 Others: Phénixien, Fränkisch & Angliyaan
 Capital: Sarina
 Other: Lagod, Malstyn, Maldasa
Government type: Constitutional monarchy
Prime minister: Louzane Valdacort
Head of state: HRM Queen Sophia I of Angliya
Area: (T.B.A.)
Population: 43,873,476 Angliyans
Ethnic groups:
Currency: Angliyaan Manda (AM$)

Angliya, officially the Kingdom of Angliya is a country located on the eastern coast of central Longerath.


The name "Angliya" comes from the Lillian Anglycium, which means "Land of the Angal's". The country is referred to as 'Angliyaa' by the Uhlanian population.


Early Angliya[]

See Early history of Angliya and Founding of Angliya

The first Kingdom of Angliya[]

See First Kingdom of Angliya

Drekkanian Empire[]

Post plague era[]

The second Kingdom of Angliya[]

Greater Angliya[]

Rise & Fall of Angliyan Communism[]

During 285 AP Angliyan forces struggled to contain pro-independence rioting, giving encouragement to the Trinian independence movement.

In 289 the 1st Civil War of Angliya erupted between Prime Minister Arlon Baulderwick (Angliyan Republicans), King Haydian of House Laurencourt (Angliyan Royalists) and Solomon Vega (Angliyan Communists). The Royalists are defeated and the House of Laurencourt take up exile in Samuelonia. Communist leader Victor Mallistein becomes the new Prime Minister of Angliya in 291.

However with a ruined economy and anti-Communist sentiment strong, the outspoken Anti-Communist leader of the Social-democratic Party, Alex Smith was elected Prime Minister of Angliya in 296. Smith was initially successful in stabilising law and order and the economy slowly began to show signs of improvement.

But after two years in power, on the 2nd of January 298 AP, the Alex Smith led government was overthrown by pro-Communist's, who were supported by elements of the Angliyan armed forces under Nelson da Silva in what became known as the Jannaton Revolution. Da Silva announced himself as the interim prime minister and promised elections would take place.

On the 13th of December 298 AP elections were held in Angliya which resulted in no parties gaining sufficient votes to hold power, leading to Nathalie Zoghbi of the Angliyan Cruisian Democrat Party to form a coalition government with the Ecologist Party and Social Democrat Party.

  • Edson Figueroa's led communists : 14 delegates
  • Nathalie Zoghbi's Christian-Democrats : 43 delagates
  • Raoni Mazzoni's Ecologists : 16 delegates
  • Willy Schmidt's Social-Democrats : 23 delegates
  • George Jones conservatives : 4 delegates.

A vote in the Hochlandian province of Lazischyna, saw the small region gain independence from Angliya.

Prime Minister Zoghbi struggled to maintain order across the country and along with the Great Economic Crash of 299 and poor domestic and foreign policies the coalition government began to falter. Zoghbi came under much scrutiny by foreign countries, for her somewhat disappointing foreign policies. Neighbouring country and main trade partner, Samuelonia closed there border and imposed a trade embargo over the Trinian situation.

The Angliyan government suffered an internal collapse, and its hold on Trinia slipped. The Alliance for Trinia's Freedom, a broad coalition of pro-independence groups, proclaims Trinia an independent state, and Zoghbi was unable to reassert control.

Former Prime-Minister, Alex Smith, who had formed an Angliyan government in exile, in Eastern Zartania, began to see his support grow and in May 299, Nathalie Zoghbi stepped down as Prime Minister and Alex Smith returned from exile to become interim Prime Minister.

On the 10th of June 299, Smith signed the Westriyaa Treaty, granting independence to Solán.

On 11 June, the city of Aigador del Nord in former Greater Angliya and the area around it, inhabited by ethnic Solelhadans (speakers of Aigadorenc) become a part of Solelhada, as per the South Angliyaa Treaty between Angliyaa, Solelhada and Westria. The new province is called Alt Aigadorenc. The following month, the province of Morangal is granted independence from Angliya and becomes a part of Solelhada.

Recent history[]

In 301, the social unrest across Angliya breaks out into civil war between a number of factions consisting of the royalist Angliyan Nationalist Union, the Angliyan Republican Union, the Anglio-Hochlandia League and the Hochlandian League of Communists, in what became known as the 2nd Angliyan Civil War.

In November 303, a UNV brokered peace accord is signed in Lagod. Whilst the unsteady peace treaty stands, parts of eastern Angliya see's continued fighting leading to the UNV Council imposing a UN controlled zone over the state's of Silmona, Zakoza and Migallia.

After over 10 years of planning, National elections, monitored by the UNV take place in May 314, with Louzane Valdacort of the UPA (Unionist Party of Angliya) winning a surprising victory over the dominant Cruisian Democratic Party and the ALC (Angliyan League of Communists) parties. One of Valdacourt's first actions is to request the return of the Angliyan Royal family from exile in Samuelonia.

In February 315, after 25 years in exile, Princess Sophia, of House Laurencourt, returns to Angliya, where she is pronounced Queen of Angliya.




Administrative divisions[]


States of Angliya
Flag Shield State Capital Largest city Population Senator Political Party
Aldinaflag File:Coatbc.png Aldina [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
Tyranaflag File:Coatbc.png Tyrana [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
Tolinoflag File:Coatbc.png Tolino [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
Berganaflag File:Coatbc.png Bergana [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
Stalmoflag File:Coatbc.png Stalmo [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Alzabor [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Larinthia [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Portia [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Saint Bouchain [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Colstyn [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
Flagoflaz File:Coatbc.png Lazischyna Kolguard [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Borava [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Morovia [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Dalcovia [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Lagod [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Sirinth [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Golonk [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Gallia [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Zakoza [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Silmona [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Migallia [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Arendelle [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party
File:Flagtbc.png File:Coatbc.png Eldermere [[]] [[]] 0,000,000 Govonor Party



Political parties[]

Party Colour Party Name Ideology Abbr Party Leader Year Founded Upper Assembly Lower Assembly
Ecologist Party Enviromental issues and economy
XXXX Template:Yr
0 Seats
0 Seats
Social-Democratic Party Social concern, gov't programs, arms control, health care
XXXX Template:Yr
0 Seats
0 Seats
Cruisian Democratic Party Cruisian values, tradition, social justice
XXXX Template:Yr
0 Seats
0 Seats
Angliyan League of Communists Communist ideologies , minimal gov't,
0 Seats
0 Seats
Unionist Party of Angliya Conservitism, Angliyan Unionism
XXXX Template:Yr
0 Seats
0 Seats
Angliyan Conservative Party
XXXX Template:Yr
0 Seats
0 Seats

Former Prime Ministers[]

Prime Ministers of Angliya
Name Birth–Death Took office Left office Political Party
1 Alex Smith - 22 March 296 2 January 298 Social-Democratic Party
1 Nelson Da Silver - 2 January 298 13 December 298 Angliyan League of Communists
1 Nathalie Zoghbi - 13 December 298 12 May 299 Cruisian Democratic Party
1 Alex Smith - 12 May 299 8 November 303 Social-Democratic Party
1 Edward Hoffenberg - 8 November 303 17 November 309 Interim coalition government
1 Eden Bretmont - 17 November 309 1 May 315 Interim coalition government
1 Louzane Valdacort - 1 May 315 - Unionist Party of Angliya





Labour market[]




















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