Alaria Ravenna (born 258 in Sligomeagh) is the current Cimeran ambassador to Rovens. Prior to her appointment, Ravenna was a professor of Rovenian studies at the Royal University of Cimeran at Sehria. Before her career in academia, Ravenna served as an officer in the Meritéan Foreign Service occupying posts in Cruishaven, Cruisana (284-286) and Guwimith, Guwimithian Empire (289-92; 293-95.)

Born Alaria Marustrea to Lendosan immigrant parents on 21 August 258 in Sligomeagh, Ravenna was raised in the middle-class Downtrim suburb of Roechuk. After attending the prestigious St Wynfrith School for Girls in St Wynfrith, Ravenna earned her BA in Guwimithian Studies from the Royal University of Merité at Excelsior. While there, she met her husband Briain Padraig, Lord Ravenna with whom she has three children. In 283, she received her MA in Guwimithian Studies with a regional concentration in the Port of Olives Colony.