Moranguese is a Liliance language originated in what is nowadays the Solelhadan province of Morango.

The language originally developed from the Liliani brought there by traders from the Liliani Empire and Liliani-speaking colonists. After the fall of the Empire, it also received influence from Iparalaspuqui traders from across the Futuronian Ocean, and from the other developing Liliance languages of the region. Immediatly after the Plague, Moranguese-speaking colonists settled in the New Continents, more precisely in nowadays Aros, Ordland and Porto Capital.

Nowadays, Moranguese is the second-most spoken language in Solelhada, being the mother tongue of nearly 15 million people. In the New Continents, the language has evolved into the Arosian dialect, which is spoken by nearly 7 million in Porto Capital. Ordland and Aros (numbers of speakers not avaiable) are bilingual Arosian-Ingallish countries.

[TECH: Moranguese is the Vex-equivalent to the Portuguese language.]
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